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Cozy Care at Home provides 24-hour home health care with a unique blend of peerless professionalism and sensitivity.  As important, however, is its flexibility in matching the nature and schedule of care needed in the day-to-day of elderly living in a home setting.  Unlike other agencies, Laura and her team have been willing to provide Mother intermittent care when I needed to attend to other obligations, full day care when I was out of town on business, and 24-hour care during hospitalizations.  My Mother's ability to live in my home medicine-free with full ambulation as a former nurisng home resident and double hip surgery patient is a tribute to Laura and speaks to the benefits of aging in a home setting. 
Suzanne Patrick, daughter of Dorothy Patrick


I cannot express enough the peace and comfort that Cozy Home Care of Virginia brings to me each and every day.  When my cousin became ill and unable to take care of herself I had to get home care for her.  My living out of state made this decision that much more difficult.  Laura Herrington has been there with me every step of the way, making sure that all of my cousin's needs both health and personal have been met.  I am kept up to date on her doctor's appointment's and how she is doing.  I do get down to visit my cousin at least twice a year.  When I see the care for myself and how my cousin has improved, I know that Cozy Home Care of Virginia, was and is without any doubt the best.  My cousin has improved a great deal and continues to each day, she is happy and being cared for with love and compassion.  Thank you Laura and the entire staff of Cozy Home Care of Virginia for what you do.  I know that I could never have done this without your support and guidance.    

Brita Colon, New York